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TSC Transcoding

Last updated: 2022-08-24 16:59:06


    VOD's Top Speed Codec (TSC) transcoding feature uses smart scenario recognition, dynamic encoding technology, and precise bitrate control model to achieve a higher subjective image quality at a lower bitrate (reduced by nearly 50%), reducing the network traffic and storage costs.

    Use Cases

    Use Case Description
    Radio and TV media TSC transcoding meets the radio and TV industry's regulations and requirements for the video technology to provide an excellent HD transcoding service for news, sports, animations, variety shows, and other content in the radio and TV industry.
    UGSV platform TSC transcoding supports a wide variety of encoding and container formats to meet the requirements in various UGSV use cases. Combined with efficient video processing capabilities, it converts videos to those with a higher image quality but at a lower bitrate, reducing your storage and delivery costs and delivering a smoother playback experience.
    Video website Video websites have many long video resources and therefore incur high traffic and storage costs for operations. They can use TSC transcoding to retain only the transcoded videos, so as to reduce the traffic and storage costs while guaranteeing a high image quality.
    Gaming platform Live recordings on gaming platforms usually have a high bitrate and complex images. For such recordings, TSC transcoding uses the smart dynamic encoding technology and precise bitrate control model to keep a high definition at a low bitrate, reducing the bandwidth costs by nearly 50% while guaranteeing the same subjective image quality.


    TSC transcoding is one of the VOD transcoding features and is used in the same way as general transcoding. The only difference is that you need to select a TSC transcoding template rather than a general video transcoding template for the transcoding template.
    For detailed directions on how to use this feature, see transcoding documents:

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