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Release Notes(iOS & Android)

Last updated: 2024-06-07 17:09:28

    Player SDK

    Player SDK 11.9 @ 2024.06.03

    Bug fixes:
    Android&iOS: Optimize the first frame time statistics to make the statistics more accurate.
    Android&iOS: Fix the crash problem of the player downloader module in multi-threaded scenarios.
    Android: Remove the call to NetworkInfo#getExtraInfo to avoid being mistakenly detected as reading ssid.

    Player SDK 11.8 @ 2024.05.06

    New features:
    Android&iOS: Support HLS EVENT live source (supported by the advanced version).
    Android: Support playing local videos with content:// and asset:// URIs.
    Android&iOS: Support precise and non-precise Seek.
    Bug fixes:
    Android: Fix the problem of callback progress after receiving the PLAY_EVT_VOD_PLAY_PREPARE event when the TXVodPlayer#setAutoPlay parameter is false.
    iOS: Fix the abnormal problem caused by directly stopPlay without calling exitPictureInPicture during picture-in-picture playback.

    Player SDK 11.7 @ 2024.03.04

    New features:

    Android&iOS: Added playback volume equalization control function (supported by premium version).
    Android&iOS: HECV adaptive downgrade playback (supported by premium version).
    Android&iOS: Support HLS EVENT live broadcast source (supported by premium version).

    Player SDK 11.6 @ 2024.01.10

    New features:

    Android & iOS: Upgraded network kernel for advanced player version, providing better performance (supported by premium version).
    Android & iOS: Preloading supports FileId encrypted videos (supported by premium version).
    Android & iOS: FileId video playback supports ghost watermark.
    Android & iOS: Supports SEI information callback (supported by premium version).
    Android & iOS: Supports real-time acquisition and seek ability of Program Date Time for HLS video format (supported by premium version).
    Function optimization:
    Android & iOS: First frame event carries additional first frame duration information.
    Android & iOS: Fixed built-in subtitle parsing exception for advanced player version.
    Android & iOS: No need to set http proxy to bypass localhost when using packet capture tool.
    Bug fixes:
    Android & iOS: Fixed issue where playback retry count is invalid after network disconnection.
    Android & iOS: Fixed slow seek issue for some mp3 files.
    Android & iOS: Fixed issue where AES-128 encrypted m3u8 files cannot be played offline.
    Android: Fixed issue where only the first seek is effective when seeking multiple times in a short period.
    iOS: Fixed issue where built-in subtitle causes abnormal playback in Picture-in-Picture mode.

    Player SDK 11.4 @ 2023.08.29

    New Features:
    iOS: Added advanced picture-in-picture capabilities, supporting picture-in-picture playback of encrypted videos, offline playback of picture-in-picture, and automatic picture-in-picture when switching to the background.
    Function Optimizations:
    Android & iOS: Cache-related interfaces support KB granularity control.
    Android & iOS: Optimized the network scheduling strategy of the player.
    Bug Fixes:
    Android & iOS: Fixed the issue where network traffic consumption could not be stopped in a timely manner after playback stopped.

    Player SDK 11.3 @ 2023.07.07

    New Features:
    Android&iOS: Video preloading now supports specifying media types (TXPlayInfoParams#mMediaType) to reduce type detection and improve download efficiency.
    iOS: Added network exception retry mechanism during playback.
    Function Optimizations:
    Android&iOS: Optimized the issue of excessive memory allocation during playback in the event of network disconnection.
    Bug Fixes:
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where playing HLS videos after network disconnection caused repeated playback of a certain segment.
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where small preloadSize settings caused occasional video playback failures.
    iOS: Fixed issue where httpDns service occasionally caused crashes in weak networks.

    Player SDK 11.2 @ 2023.06.01

    New features:
    Android&iOS: Added callback for VOD_PLAY_EVT_HIT_CACHE event during VOD playback.
    Android: DRM playback can now be configured with COM or CN certificate providers using TXPlayerGlobalSetting#setDrmProvisionEnv.
    Function optimizations:
    Android&iOS: Media type can now be specified using TXVodPlayConfig#setMediaType to reduce underlying type detection and improve startup speed.
    Android&iOS: Added callback for audio bitrate (VIDEO_BITRATE&AUDIO_BITRATE) during MP4 playback.
    Bug fixes:
    Android&iOS: Fixed missing VIDEO_CACHE value in onNetStatus callback.
    Android&iOS: Fixed playback failure issue for offline downloaded resources in certain scenarios.
    Android&iOS: Fixed probability of playback failure during fast video switching.

    Player SDK 11.1 @ 2023.04.07

    Function optimizations:
    Android&iOS: Added interface for checking if downloaded video resources exist (TXVodDownloadMediaInfo#isResourceBroken).
    Android&iOS: Video downloading now supports sharing cache for private encrypted videos before the anti-theft link expires.
    Bug fixes:
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where CPU usage increased after audio frame decoding failure.
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where progress was lost when the download process exited abnormally.
    Android&iOS: Fixed playback issues for some MP4 files.

    Player SDK 11.0 @ 2023.02.24

    Function optimizations:
    Android&iOS: Improved compatibility for video playback when audio and video are not well interleaved.
    iOS: Optimized memory release for video frame data.
    Bug fixes:
    iOS: Fixed abnormal event of not calling back VOD_PLAY_EVT_LOOP_ONCE_COMPLETE (single loop playback completed) when playing in a loop.
    Android&iOS: Fixed inaccurate size of sub-stream files obtained through video downloading (TXVodDownloadMediaInfo#getSize).
    Android&iOS: Fixed abnormal download issue for nested m3u8 single-stream downloads.
    Android&iOS: Fixed probability of playback issues for nested m3u8 private encrypted videos downloaded through video downloading.

    Player SDK 10.9 @ 2022.12.30

    New features:
    Android&iOS: Support external HttpDns to solve the problem of playback failure caused by domain hijacking during playback.
    Android&iOS: V2TXLivePlayer now supports WebRTC playback.
    Function optimizations:
    Android: Added "speed" field to TXVodDownloadMediaInfo for obtaining network download speed in video downloading.
    Bug fixes:
    iOS: Fixed issue where picture-in-picture switching repeatedly caused switching to fail.
    iOS: Fixed issue where interface still showed video downloading as incomplete after download was completed.
    iOS: Fixed issue where video playback was stuck on iOS 16.
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where playback failed on some devices due to high video frame rate. Android&iOS: Reduced the time it takes for playback to fail in case of network exceptions.

    Player SDK 10.8 @ 2022.10.27

    Function optimizations:
    Android&iOS: Added VOD_PLAY_EVT_LOOP_ONCE_COMPLETE event for single loop playback completion.
    Android: Optimized startup by reducing the number of calls to NetworkInfo.getExtraInfo to comply with regulations.
    Bug fixes:
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where private encrypted videos failed to play in certain scenarios.
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where some videos failed to play when transmitted through gzip.
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where progress bar duration did not match actual video duration after playback ended.
    iOS: Fixed issue where v2 protocol failed to retrieve video source address for appid&fileid playback.

    Player SDK 10.7 @ 2022.09.20

    Function optimizations:
    Android&iOS: Changed startPlay interface for VOD playback to startVodPlay.
    Android&iOS: Changed startPlay interface for live playback to startLivePlay.
    iOS: Fixed issue where playback could not be resumed after being in background for a long time.
    Android: Fixed issue where some videos failed to play on older Android systems.

    Player SDK 10.6 @ 2022.08.31

    Function optimizations:
    Android&iOS: Added sprite map and URL information callback for fileid playback.
    Android&iOS: Optimized package size.
    Bug fixes:
    iOS: Fixed issue where offline downloaded private encrypted videos failed to play in certain scenarios.

    Player SDK 10.5 @ 2022.08.12

    Bug fixes:
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where short links without video format suffixes caused playback failure.

    Player SDK 10.4.0 @ 2022.07.21

    Function optimizations:
    Android&iOS: Added support for adaptive playback for HLS live streaming.
    Bug fixes:
    Android: Fixed abnormal interval between onNetStatus and progress callbacks.
    Android: Fixed null pointer exception caused by failure to call setConfig on the player.
    iOS: Fixed issue where replaying caused stuttering in certain scenarios.

    Player SDK 10.3.0 @ 2022.07.06

    New features:
    iOS: Added support for picture-in-picture mode during video playback.
    Bug fixes:
    Android: Fixed issue where continuous playback of video lists in the background using hardware decoding was interrupted.
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where seek completion event was not called back.

    Player SDK 10.2.0 @ 2022.06.23

    Function optimizations:
    Android&iOS: Optimized callback parameters such as cachedBytes and IP address during playback.
    Bug fixes:
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where hardware decoding failed for H265 format videos.
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue with playing HLS live streaming.
    iOS: Fixed issue with abnormal retrieval of supportedBitrates in certain scenarios.

    Player SDK 10.1.0 @ 2022.05.31

    Android&iOS: Optimized video super-resolution effect.
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue with nested m3u8 refer header sub-stream transmission.
    iOS: Resolved conflict with third-party SDK ffmpeg.
    Android&iOS: Optimized player kernel performance.

    Player SDK 9.5.29040 @ 2022.05.13

    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where playing mp3 with cover image failed.

    Player SDK 9.5.29036 @ 2022.05.06

    Android: Fixed issue where SurfaceView caused black screen due to repeated add and remove.

    Player SDK Android 9.5.29035, iOS 9.5.29036 @ 2022.04.28

    Android&iOS: Added video preloading function.
    Android&iOS: Added ability to pause player before onPrepared event.
    Android&iOS: Added ability to maintain pause state when switching stream under pause state. Android&iOS: Optimized playback performance.

    Player SDK 9.5.29016 @ 2022.03.30

    Android&iOS: Added support for fine-grained control of cached traffic, preloading buffer and startup buffer can be controlled separately.
    Android&iOS: Added ability to specify preferred resolution before startup and find the most suitable resolution to start playback.

    Player SDK 9.5.29015 @ 2022.03.25

    Android: Optimized playback performance.

    Player SDK 9.5.29011 @ 2022.03.10

    iOS: Optimized version compatibility issues.

    Player SDK 9.5.29009 @ 2022.03.03

    Android&iOS: Added support for terminal ultra-high definition, can be accessed through plugins.
    Android&iOS: Optimized private encrypted video playback.
    Android&iOS: Optimized accurate seeking to frames.
    Android&iOS: Added support for EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY tag in HLS.
    Android&iOS: Optimized player kernel and improved performance.
    Android&iOS: Player component provides demo for immersive short video, feed video stream, video preview, video cover and video dynamic watermark functions.

    Player SDK 9.5 @ 2022.01.11

    Android: Fixed issue where switching resolution twice after playing any video in the video list to the end caused replay.
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where playback time point was inaccurate when playing back at different time points.

    Player SDK 9.4 @ 2021.12.09

    iOS: Fixed issue where switching HLS stream caused black screen.
    iOS: Fixed issue where frequent seeking during playback with VOD player caused noise.
    Android: Fixed issue where anti-theft chain sprite failed to retrieve.
    Android: Fixed issue where VOD player occasionally reported errors during HLS offline download.
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where accurate seeking with player was inaccurate.

    Player SDK 9.3 @ 2021.11.04

    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where enabling preloading with VOD player and calling startPlay caused abnormal sound.
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where hardware decoding with VOD player caused callback resolution to be 0 for HEVC videos.

    Player SDK 9.2 @ 2021.09.26

    Android&iOS: VOD player supports HLS reinforcement encryption playback.
    Android: Fixed issue where playing addresses with special characters failed.
    Android: Fixed issue where frequent switching between foreground and background caused occasional sound without picture.

    Player SDK 9.1 @ 2021.09.02

    Android: Fixed issue where playback crashed on specific Android 5.x devices.
    Android: Optimized live playback to prevent overexposure under specific conditions.

    Player SDK 9.0 @ 2021.08.06

    iOS: Fixed issue where enabling smoothSwitchBitrate caused crash when switching resolutions repeatedly.
    iOS: Optimized VOD player to prevent playback progress from being abnormal after network recovery.

    Player SDK 8.9 @ 2021.07.15

    Android: Fixed issue where callback event logic was incorrect after VOD player lost network connection.

    Player SDK 8.8 @ 2021.06.21

    iOS: Fixed issue where starting and stopping playback with VOD player multiple times caused memory leaks.
    Android: Fixed issue where playing HLS files on Android 11 caused errors.
    Android: Fixed issue where default live playback was jerky and other live streams occasionally had accelerated sound and picture.
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where seeking with VOD player for specific videos was slow.
    Android&iOS: Fixed issue where VOD player displayed slowly after pausing playback and setting progress with seek.

    Player Adapter

    Player Adapter 1.4.0 @ 2023.04.18

    Android&iOS: Added support for decrypting VOD CDN encryption.

    Player Adapter 1.2.0 @ 2022.03.10

    Android&iOS: Added support for playing adaptive bitrate, transcoded, and original videos through FileId.

    Player Adapter Release @ 2021.07.22

    First release of iOS & Android player component Adapter.
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