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Last updated: 2023-05-15 17:18:02


    VOD's remaster feature uses advanced restoration and enhancement AI algorithms to offer capabilities including image noise removal, outline restoration, super resolution, detail enhancement, color enhancement, and SDR to HDR conversion, while at the same time improving video resolution.
    Audio/Image noise removal
    Removes the random noise introduced from the camera and the environment during video recording while maintaining audio/video details.
    Artifact removal
    Effectively repairs distortions caused by repeated compressions of videos during transcoding, such as blocking artifacts, ringing artifacts, color contamination, and mosquito noise.
    Banding removal
    Repairs banding and snow caused by damage to the film during recording, storage, or transfer.
    Detail enhancement
    Makes the video image clearer by enhancing details which may have been compromised by the camera quality or during video saving or transcoding.
    Overall enhancement
    Uses AI-based analysis to improve the overall image quality by balancing image textures, removing compression artifacts, and enhancing key details.
    Super resolution
    Enhances and restores details in low-resolution videos with the help of an AI model and outputs high-resolution videos with clearer details.
    Face enhancement
    Enhances key facial features with the help of face recognition technologies.
    Color enhancement
    Restores video colors that may have been distorted due to camera problems or storage and enhances colors so they are more pleasing to viewers.
    Low-light enhancement
    Automatically recognizes scenes and adaptively enhances video images to increase details and contrast in dark areas and improve image quality, especially in low-light scenes.
    Converts SDR videos to HDR and increases the color depth to up to 10 bits to represent a wider gamut and display more color details.
    Frame interpolation
    Adds additional video frames between existing ones to offer a smoother viewing experience and fix stuttering and shaky videos shot at low frame rates.

    Use Cases

    You can use VOD's remaster feature to improve the quality of user- or professionally generated videos, restore old videos, and generate 4K videos, among others.
    Use Case
    The face enhancement capability increases the efficiency of content production by allowing users to quickly locate specific people from a large number of videos and obtain information including when a person starts to appear, where the person appears on an image, and how long the appearance lasts.
    Video restoring
    Artifacts and banding are common in old videos due to the limitations of camera technology at that time. VOD's remaster feature can restore video quality and bring your old videos back to life.
    4K videos
    VOD's remaster feature can convert ordinary videos to 4K using techniques including super resolution, frame interpolation, HDR conversion.

    How to Use


    For detailed directions, see Media Management > Remaster.


    1. Start a remaster task. For details, see RebuildMedia.
    2. Get the remastering result. For details, see DescribeTaskDetail and PullEvents.

    Billing Details

    To learn about how the remaster feature is billed, see Remaster.
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