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Announcement on the Official Launch of the Video on Demand Real-Time Log Analysis Feature

Last updated: 2024-01-22 09:58:47
To meet the needs of users for more personalized data analysis of Video on Demand CDN logs, such as in-depth data analysis, monitoring service indicators, identifying fraud, unifying monitoring data of multiple products and services, and storing logs, the Video on Demand team officially launched Real-time Log Analysis feature. This feature supports the delivery of Video on Demand CDN logs to the Cloud Log Service(CLS) product, and can realize a full range of log analysis services such as log collection, log storage, and log retrieval through the log service CLS.

Using the Real-Time Log Analysis feature will incur Video on Demand Real-Time Log Analysis delivery fees and Cloud Log Service-related fees. For Cloud Log Service product-related fees, please see the CLS Billing Overview.

The Video on Demand Real-Time Log Analysis feature is billed based on the number of log lines actually delivered:
Billing Item
Price (USD/10,000 lines)
Log Analysis
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