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Callback Configuration

Last updated: 2023-10-08 15:07:20
    The callback feature is disabled by default for CSS push. After a push domain name is bound to a callback configuration, the callback feature will be enabled for all push addresses under this domain name. If a callback event is triggered by the configured template during live streaming, Tencent Cloud will send a request to your server which is responsible for the response. After authentication, a JSON packet containing the porn detection callback information can be obtained. This document describes how to bind/unbind a push domain name to/from a callback template to enable/disable the callback feature.


    The template configuration will take effect in about 5–10 minutes.
    When a CSS event is triggered after the callback feature is enabled, you can receive the event information through the event message notification.
    The callback templates are managed at the domain name level in the console, and rules created by APIs cannot be canceled for the time being. If you bound a template to a specified stream through the callback APIs and want to unbind it, you need to call the DeleteLiveCallbackTemplate API.
    One domain name can be bound to only one callback template. After binding, all streams under it will be called back according to this template.


    You have logged in to the CSS console and added a push domain name.
    You have created a callback template.

    Binding Callback Template

    Go to [**Domain Management**](https://console.tencentcloud.com/live/domainmanage) and click the **push domain name** to be configured or **Manage** to enter the domain name details page.
    Select **Template Configuration** and click **Edit** in the **Callback Configuration** section.
    Select a callback template and click **Confirm**.

    Unbinding Callback Template

    1. Go to Domain Management and click the push domain name to be configured or Manage to enter the domain name details page.
    2. Select Template Configuration and click Edit in the Callback Configuration section.
    3. Clear the template and click Confirm.
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