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Last updated: 2023-10-30 11:21:26
    Live Event Broadcasting (LEB) is the ultra-low-latency version of CSS. It delivers superior playback experience with millisecond latency, making it well suited for scenarios with high latency requirements, such as online education, sports streaming, and online quizzes.

    Product Architecture



    Playback with millisecond latency

    Implementing millisecond-level latency live streaming capabilities in high-concurrency scenarios using the UDP protocol, improving the drawbacks of 3-5 second latency in traditional live streaming, while taking into account core indicators such as instant start and stutter rate, providing users with an ultra-low latency live streaming experience.

    Various features and smooth migration

    LEB integrates a wide range of LVB features including live push, transcoding, recording, screencapture, porn detection, and playback. It also allows smooth migration from LVB.

    User-friendly, secure, and reliable

    You can easily integrate LEB as it uses standard protocols. You can use it for playback on Chrome and Safari without installing any plugins. Moreover, its protocols encrypt streams by default for improved security and reliability.


    LEB billable items include basic services and value-added services. Basic services are billed by upstream and downstream traffic/bandwidth. Value-added services such as live transcoding, recording, screen capture, and porn detection are billed by resource usage. For details, see Pricing Overview.

    Getting Started

    For details about how to use the demo and how to integrate LEB, see Getting Started.
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