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1. Stream Push

Last updated: 2023-11-03 17:50:37
    This document describes how to integrate the SDK or plugin into your program to implement the CSS stream push feature.


    You have activated the CSS service.
    Select Domain Management, click Add Domain, and add a push domain name as instructed in Adding Your Own Domain.
    In the CSS console, generate a push address in CSS Toolkit > Address Generator as instructed in Address Generator. Then, implement live push in your own business based on your business scenarios as follows:

    Integration into the Native Application

    Download and integrate the MLVB SDK as instructed in the iOS and Android integration guides.
    To enable RTMP stream push, you need to create the TXLivePusher object and set V2TXLiveMode to _RTMP when initializing the V2TXLivePusher component. Below is the configuration for iOS and Android:
    V2TXLivePusher *pusher = [[V2TXLivePusher alloc] initWithLiveMode:V2TXLiveMode_RTMP];
    V2TXLivePusher mLivePusher = new V2TXLivePusherImpl(this, V2TXLiveDef.V2TXLiveMode.TXLiveMode_RTMP);

    Integration on the Web

    Integration on the web currently supports only the WebRTC protocol for stream push. You can integrate the SDK as instructed in WebRTC.
    You can also directly perform web page live streaming in the Web Push section of the CSS Console.

    Integration on a PC

    Integration by Using OBS

    On a PC (Windows/macOS), you can directly use OBS for stream pushing. OBS is a free open-source video shooting and streaming program that supports operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.
    If the stream pushing protocol is WebRTC, refer to OBS WebRTC stream pushing for further details.

    Integration by Using FFmpeg

    On a PC, you can also use the FFmpeg tool for stream pushing. FFmpeg is an open-source software capable of recording, transcoding, and streaming of audio and video in multiple formats.
    If the stream pushing protocol is WebRTC, you need to use an FFmpeg tool that supports WebRTC stream pushing. For further details, refer to the section on WebRTC stream pushing by using FFmpeg.


    Using the MLVB SDK will incur fees. For billing details, see Billing Overview.
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