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Last updated: 2022-09-05 14:46:22

    This document describes the advantages of CWPP.


    Tencent Cloud CWPP has the following advantages:

    Advantage Tencent Cloud CWPP Other host security products
    Hacking behavior detection Based on the threat data collected from the entire Internet, CWPP is able to detect hacker attacks in real time. Determination is made based on the single-server behavior data with weak detection ability and slow response.
    Trojan file detection The CWPP backend is integrated with the new-gen TAV anti-virus engine of Tencent PC Manager and the Hubble Analysis System to respond to unknown risks instantly. Its machine learning-based WebShell detection engine can effectively combat encrypted and disguised malicious scripts. In the absence of the ability to detect executable malicious files, WebShell detection is only conducted based on regular expressions and character logic matching, which can lead to a lot of false positives and false negatives.
    Installation and ops free The ops information of cloud platform servers can be automatically associated, which can be used after you purchase a CVM, Lighthouse, or ECM instance. Security policies are automatically updated in the cloud, with no manual maintenance of various security detection scripts required. You need to log in to individual servers to manually install the product, and personnel with certain security knowledge are required to configure security policies.
    Centralized management Security events can be managed in the console in a centralized manner, eliminating your need to log in to multiple servers. Centralized management of server assets enables you to quickly construct a visualized security platform. You need to log in to individual servers to address security events one by one.
    Low resource consumption With self-developed lightweight agents, CWPP carries out most of its computing and protection workload in the cloud, ensuring low consumption of server resources. Software clients consume a high amount of memory resources (generally over 100 MB), which may compromise server performance during peak hours.
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