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Security Dashboard

Last updated: 2022-09-05 14:53:47

    This document describes how to use Security Dashboard.


    As the homepage of Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP), Security Dashboard displays security score, pending risks, security protection status, risk trend, and new security events; pushes security notices to keep you updated with the latest threat intelligence of CWPP; provides documentation and suggestions to help you defend against intrusion and attacks and ensure your server security.

    Operation Guide

    1. Log in to the CWPP console.
    2. Click Security Dashboard on the left sidebar. The fields and operations related to the feature are described as follows.

    Security Status

    The Security Status section presents the security score and risk information, and provides quick access to risk handling pages.

    • Security score: The score is calculated based on the number of security events and their threat level. For more information about the scoring rules, see Security Score Overview.
    • Risk information: It contains three categories of information: detected intrusions, vulnerability risks, and baseline risks, and shows the number of pending risks and the number of affected servers.
    • Intrusion Detection: Malicious File Scan, Unusual Login, Password Cracking, Malicious Requests, Reverse Shell, Local Privilege Escalation, and High-Risk Commands.
    • Vulnerability Risks: Linux software vulnerabilities, Windows system vulnerabilities, Web-CMS vulnerabilities, and application vulnerabilities in Vulnerability Management.
    • Baseline Risks: Only risks in Baseline Management.

    Security Intelligence

    The Security intelligence section shows the feature updates, news about honors and awards, urgent notifications, and version release information.

    Click the intelligence title to check details. Click More to view all the security intelligence.

    Security Protection

    The Security Protection section displays the complete anti-intrusion solution (prevention-defense-detection-response) of CWPP, and the security protection items required for each process.

    If all the protection items are enabled, you can get a clear picture of the security of your servers and get quick access to the risk handling pages.

    Protection Details

    The Protection Details section shows the usage data of various CWPP services.

    • Days of Protection: The total time the CWPP Agent has been installed on the server.
    • Total servers: The total number of Tencent Cloud servers (CVMs, Lighthouse servers, CPM 1.0, ECMs) and non-Tencent Cloud servers.
    • Protected servers: The total number of the servers protected by CWPP Pro/Ultimate.
    • Engines: If you have purchased the CWPP Pro/Ultimate licenses, six protection engines are automatically activated: Cloud Security Engine, BinaryAI Engine, TAV Engine, Unusual Behavior Engine, Threat Intelligence Engine, and Anti-Attack Engine.
    • Virus database update time: The virus library is automatically updated at 0:00 every day.
    • Server update time: Click Update now in the upper right corner to manually update the server list.
    • Vulnerability Library Update Time: From time to time.

    Risk Trend

    On the Risk Trend section, the statistics of various risks are displayed in a line graph, which visually presents the risk trend of servers.

    You can view the risk statistics for the last 7 days, the last 14 days, the last 30 days, or a custom date range. Click Download to export the risk statistics for the selected date range.


    The number of risks is the number of new pending events on the current day and is updated every hour.

    Real-time monitoring

    The Real-time monitoring section displays the newly discovered security events in real time.

    Click Server IP or View Details to go to the risk item on the server details page.

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