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Purchase Security Protection Licenses

Last updated: 2023-08-01 15:52:05

    This document describes the pricing of CWPP protection licenses and how a purchase is made.


    The following table provides the billing instructions for different CWPP protection licenses. For the features in different editions, see Features in Different Editions.

    Protection license Billing instructions
    CWPP Basic Free of charge. A server that comes with a CWPP agent enjoys basic protection.
    A CWPP agent is automatically installed for the purchased CVM, Lighthouse, and ECM by default.
    CWPP Pro Monthly subscription: 12 USD/license/month.
    The subscription fee is deducted directly when the order is placed.
    CWPP Ultimate Monthly subscription: 27 USD/license/month.
    The subscription fee is deducted directly when the order is placed. It cannot be downgraded to CWPP Pro.

    The fee of protection licenses is deducted based on the actual number of licenses purchased, regardless of whether the license is bound to a server or whether the server is powered on.

    Important Notes

    Protection licenses are available to all Tencent Cloud users.

    Purchase Method

    Protection licenses can be purchased through the CWPP purchase page. You can select the server to be bound when purchasing a license, or bind a server later after purchasing a license.

    Overdraft and Renewal

    If auto-renewal has been set, but the deduction is unsuccessful because the relevant account has an insufficient balance or is overdrawn (balance below 0), the original license will be automatically unbound from the server (which means the protection will be stopped) and will enter a 30-day isolation period. If the license is not renewed during this period, the license order will be expired and terminated.


    If you are a customer of a Tencent Cloud partner, the rules regarding resources when there are overdue payments are subject to the agreement between you and the partner.


    Refund amount = Actually paid amount - Price on the official website × Number of licenses/Purchased duration × Protection duration
    If the refund amount is less than or equal to 0, it will be calculated as 0, and the license order will be terminated.

    You can contact us if you need any help with the refund process.

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