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Product Overview

Last updated: 2020-07-30 11:33:07


    Anti-DDoS Advanced is a paid protection service defending businesses such as games, internet services, and finance operations against high-volume distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that may disable user access. It can direct attack traffic to Anti-DDoS Advanced IPs for cleansing, thus ensuring business stability and availability of the real servers.
    Anti-DDoS Advanced can be connected to through internet proxy and supports TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, and HTTP/2 protocols, making it ideal for finance, ecommerce, games, and other business scenarios.

    Key Features

    Multidimensional protection

    Protection Type Description
    Malformed packet filtering Filters out frag flood, smurf, stream flood, and land flood attacks as well as malformed IP, TCP, and UDP packets
    DDoS protection at the network layer Filters out UDP flood, SYN flood, TCP flood, ICMP flood, ACK flood, FIN flood, RST flood, and DNS/NTP/SSDP reflection attacks and null sessions.
    DDoS protection at the application layer Filters out CC attacks and slow HTTP attacks, and supports HTTP custom filtering such as host filtering, user-agent filtering, and referer filtering.

    Flexible advanced protection policies

    Anti-DDoS Advanced provides basic security policies by default on the basis of protection algorithms such as IP profiling, behavior pattern analysis, and AI-based smart recognition, effectively coping with common DDoS attacks. Meanwhile, it provides advanced DDoS protection policies such as IP blocklist/allowlist, protocol/port closing, packet characteristic filtering, and null session prevention to enable more targeted protection, and you can customize them as needed.

    Custom cleansing mode

    Anti-DDoS Advanced opens up its multiple protection levels and provides a custom cleansing threshold to allow flexible adjustment based on the attack characteristics, helping you swiftly respond to various types of DDoS attacks and meet your diversified business requirements.

    Protection statistics and analysis

    You can access multidimensional statistics of DDoS attacks, CC attacks, forwarded traffic, and other metrics, which helps you stay up to date with your business and attack conditions. In addition, Anti-DDoS Advanced supports automatic capture of attack packets, helping you quickly troubleshoot exceptions and problems.

    Supported Regions

    Anti-DDoS Advanced can protect all types of servers on the internet, including but not limited to those in customer IDCs, Tencent Cloud, and other clouds. It is currently available in following regions:

    • Mainland China: South China (Guangzhou), East China (Shanghai), and North China (Beijing).
    • Outside Mainland China: Hong Kong (China), Taiwan (China), Asia Pacific (Singapore, Seoul, Bangkok, India, and Japan), West US (Silicon Valley), East US (Virginia), North America (Toronto), and Europe (Frankfurt and Moscow).

    The table below describes the protection bandwidth of Anti-DDoS Advanced for different regions.

    Region Base Protection Elastic Protection Maximum Protection Bandwidth
    Guangzhou 20–50 Gbps 30–100 Gbps 100 Gbps
    Beijing 20–50 Gbps 30–100 Gbps 100 Gbps
    Shanghai 20–100 Gbps 30–300 Gbps 300 Gbps
    Outside Mainland China 10–100 Gbps 30–400 Gbps 400 Gbps

    You are recommended to choose a region closest to your real server so as to reduce access latency and accelerate access.

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