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Last updated: 2020-07-07 17:19:06

    Anti-DDoS Advanced is a paid product to protect your business off Tencent Cloud from being affected by high-volume distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. It has the following advantages.

    Massive Protection Resources

    Connected with 30 ISPs across Mainland China and dozens of protection nodes overseas, Tencent Cloud's BGP linkage can provide protection bandwidth up to 900 Gbps for a single customer (point) in Mainland China and up to 400 Gbps outside Mainland China, enabling you to defend against all types of DDoS attacks with ease.

    Leading Cleansing Capability

    Leveraging the powerful protective clusters developed by Tencent and multi-dimensional algorithms, such as IP profiling, behavior pattern analysis, and cookie challenges, Anti-DDoS Advanced can accurately and promptly detect attack traffic. With the aid of a smart AI engine that continuously optimizes the algorithms, it is also flexible in coping with attack tricks.

    Fast Access

    With a 30-line BGP network encompassing various ISPs across Mainland China, Anti-DDoS Advanced features an extremely low delay in protection and fast access.

    Hiding Real Server

    Anti-DDoS Advanced replaces and hides your real server. It can be seen as a firewall before the real server for external access. All business access traffic passes through Anti-DDoS Advanced, which directly forwards normal traffic to the real server while cleansing attack traffic before it reaches the real server, helping boost the real server security.

    Wide Applicability

    Anti-DDoS Advanced fully supports website and non-website businesses and covers various businesses like finance, ecommerce, gaming, and government affairs, comprehensively satisfying the security protection needs in different application scenarios.

    Cost Optimization

    Anti-DDoS Advanced offers a "base protection + elastic protection" combo package where you are only charged by the amount of actual attack traffic. When the attack traffic exceeds the base protection bandwidth, it provides elastic protection to ensure the continuity of your business. Such seamless transition requires no additional devices and configuration on your side, reducing your daily protection costs.

    Detailed Defense Report

    Anti-DDoS Advanced can generate accurate and detailed protection reports. It can also capture attack packets automatically for troubleshooting.

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