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Smart Scheduling CTCC/CUCC/CMCC Traffic

Last updated: 2021-02-08 15:34:27

    This document describes how to schedule traffic from CTCC, CUCC, and CMCC through smart scheduling.


    With a CTCC/CUCC/CMCC Anti-DDoS Advanced instance, business traffic can be forwarded according to the source ISP of DNS requests, which is a common traffic scheduling method. You can configure smart scheduling to schedule the traffic from CTCC, CUCC, CMCC, or other ISPs to the Anti-DDoS Advanced instances of CTCC, CUCC, CMCC, and other ISPs respectively.


    • Before enabling smart scheduling, please connect your business to your Anti-DDoS instance.


      • If you need to add the IP of your protected Tencent Cloud product to an Anti-DDoS Pro instance, please see Getting Started.
      • If you need to connect your layer-4 or layer-7 business to an Anti-DDoS Advanced instance, please see Anti-DDoS Advanced documents Port Connection or Domain Name Connection.
    • To modify the DNS resolution, you need to purchase a domain name resolution product.

    Operation Directions

    1. Log in to the Anti-DDoS console, select Anti-DDoS Advanced (New) -> Smart Scheduling on the left sidebar to view the policy list, and click New Scheduling Policy to automatically generate a CNAME record.
    2. Click Add Anti-DDoS instance of the CNAME record to enter the smart scheduling editing page.
    3. The TTL value defaults to 60 seconds and ranges from 1 to 3,600 seconds. The default scheduling mode is Priority.
    4. Click Add Anti-DDoS IP, tick the target Anti-DDoS instance and IP, and click OK.
    5. After the instance is selected, DNS will be enabled for its protective line by default. At this point, you can set the line priority.


      • The priority of the three ISPs must be the same to guarantee that DNS requests can receive responses according to source ISPs.
      • For smart scheduling configurations, please see Configuring Smart Scheduling.
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