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Intelligent CC Protection

Last updated: 2023-04-28 16:48:50

    Intelligent CC protection is an AI-powered protection feature leveraging Tencent Cloud's big data capability. It provides a dynamic protection model to auto-generate rules for detecting and blocking malicious attacks based on website traffic patterns and algorithm-utilized attack analysis.


    • You have purchased an Anti-DDoS Advanced instance and set the object to protect.
    • Only rules configured for instances accessing via domain names take effect.


    1. Log in to the Anti-DDoS console. Select Anti-DDoS Advanced (New) > Configurations on the left sidebar. Open the CC Protection tab.
    2. Select a domain name from the IP list on the left.
    3. In the "CC Protection and Cleansing Threshold" card, click and set a cleansing threshold before enabling intelligent CC protection.

      • The cleansing threshold is the threshold for Anti-DDoS services to start cleansing traffic. If the number of HTTP requests sent to the specified domain name exceeds the threshold, CC protection will be triggered.
      • If the IP bound to the Anti-DDoS Pro instance is from WAF, you need to first enable CC protection for the IP in the WAF console. For more information, see CC Protection Rules.

    4. In the Intelligent CC protection card, toggle on the switch.

    5. Click View to view the auto-generated protection rules. You can make changes to these rules if necessary.


    • When intelligent CC protection is enabled, the protection rules are auto-generated when an attack occurs.
    • Protect mode: Apply auto-generated protection rules to defend against each specific attack. After the attack ends, the rules are automatically deleted.
    • Observe mode: Attacks are observed only.

    6. To delete a rule, click Delete on the right of the rule you want to remove.

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