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MongoDB Service Level Agreement

Last updated: 2019-06-19 16:57:34

1. Service Content

TencentDB for MongoDB is a professional high-performance distributed data storage service developed based on MongoDB, the world's most promising open source NoSQL database. It is 100% compatible with MongoDB protocol, and well suited for non-relational database use cases.

Additionally, TencentDB for MongoDB offers high-performance, reliable and user-friendly MongoDB cluster services. Each instance is either a replica set of at least one (1) master and two (2) slaves or a sharding cluster of multiple replica sets, ensuring high availability of user data.

2. Data Durability

Tencent Cloud guarantees that the monthly durability of data storage with respect to the instances applied for by a user within the service period (i.e., the service period of MongoDB purchased by the user) is 99.9996%. That is, for each 1,000,000 instances applied for by a user each month, only 4 instances are exposed to data loss.

3. Data Deletion

If a user voluntarily deletes the data or when the data needs to be deleted upon expiration of the service period for a user, Tencent Cloud will perform low level formatting of disks to completely and irrecoverably delete all data of the user prior to disposal or resale of the devices, and the disks will be demagnetized when they are discarded.

4. Right to Know

A. The location of data center where data is stored (users may query this by submitting a ticket).

B. The number of data backups and the location of data center where the backup data is stored (users may query this by submitting a ticket).

C. Tencent Cloud can help users choose a data center with proper network conditions for data storage. Cold backup is dynamically allocated according to the utilization of resources. Users, by default, do not need to choose the data center and cold backup center. Users may submit a ticket if they wish to choose a data center and/or a cold backup center.

D. The local laws and relevant laws of the People's Republic of China that a data center shall comply with (users may query this by submitting a ticket).

E. No data of a user will be provided to any third party unless required by a government regulatory authority for supervision, administration or audit purposes. The user behavior log will be used for data analysis of the database operation, but no personal data would be presented externally.

5. Data Confidentiality

Tencent Cloud achieves network isolation by configuring firewalls and adopting white-list filtering mechanism, and ensures the invisibility of data of different users in the same resource pool via authorization control of user names and passwords of MongoDB instances.

6. Data Audit

Tencent Cloud may, in accordance with the existing laws and regulations, and provided that the relevant procedural and formality requirements are fully compliant, disclose certain information, including without limitation operation log of key components, operation records of operation and maintenance personnel and operation records of users, for the purposes of cooperating with supervision and administration, evidence collection and investigations of governmental or regulatory authorities or otherwise.

7. Service Availability

A. TencentDB for MongoDB guarantees a service availability of 99.95%, that is, for each month, the service is available for 43,178.4 minutes (i.e., 30 (days) × 24 (hours) × 60 (minutes) × 99.95%) and there may be 21.6 minutes (i.e., 43,200 -- 43,178.4) downtime, which is calculated on a single database instance basis.

B. Service downtime does not include any time period when the service is unavailable due to regular system maintenance, force majeure event, or any reason attributable to a user or a third party.

8. Recovery Capacity

Tencent Cloud's professional teams provide maintenance assistance 24/7.

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