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Rolling back Data from Snapshot

Last updated: 2023-12-22 10:20:44


    When a data error occurs or data is lost due to a change, you can roll back the snapshot data to the corresponding cloud disk, so that data in the cloud disk can be restored to the status when the snapshot is created.
    The snapshot data can be rolled back only to the source cloud disk but not other cloud disks.
    You can roll back the data in the following scenarios:
    If the source cloud disk is in To be attached status (that is, it has not been attached to a CVM instance), you can directly perform the rollback.
    If the source cloud disk has been attached to a CVM instance, you can perform the rollback when the CVM instance is shut down.


    Rolling back the data in the console

    1. Log in to the Snapshot List page.
    2. Click Rollback in the row of the target snapshot.
    The data of the source cloud disk will be rolled back to the status when the snapshot is created, and all the data after this time will be cleared.
    3. On the Roll-back Data page, confirm the rollback information and click OK.

    Rolling back the data via an API

    You can use the ApplySnapshot API to roll back the data. For detailed directions, see ApplySnapshot.
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