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IT compliance audit in Malaysian financial industry

Last updated: 2022-07-18 14:28:29

The Malaysian Monetary Authority:Bank Negara Malaysia(BNM)and Securities Commission(SC)have issued 7 regulations for the financial services sector, includes regulatory requirements for risk management in fintech, outsourcing management, data security and customer information protection, business continuity management to regulate the application of information technology in financial services such as banking, insurance, securities in Malaysia to ensure the reliability, security and stability of financial information systems.

The issuance and entry into force of above-mentioned financial regulatory regulations requires Malaysian financial service providers to establish and continuously improve their information technology risk management systems and enhance their ability to respond to the risks and threats of complex and changeable network environments.

Tencent Cloud IT compliance audit in Malaysian financial industry is conducted by an independent third-party auditor with reference to the applicable requirements of the regulations issued by the Malaysian Monetary Authority. The audit approach follows the related requirements of the ISAE3000 guidelines issued by IAASB(International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board).

The independent third-party audit report can prove that the cloud services provided by Tencent Cloud to financial customers in Malaysia strictly comply with the regulatory requirements of the Malaysian financial industry. Customers can also learn about Tencent Cloud's security control in the financial services by obtaining an Tencent Cloud audit report. A comprehensive and rapid understanding of the design rationality and implementation effectiveness of Tencent Cloud security controls can effectively reduce concerns about security compliance when using Tencent Cloud financial services.

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