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Configuring For High Availability Services

Last updated: 2020-02-11 20:04:32

    Use case

    Building master/slave or active-active HA clusters in the traditional way is quite cumbersome. You can use health check of Auto Scaling to implement high availability.

    The system will automatically monitor the health status of the active nodes. When the active node does not respond to a ping, Auto Scaling will automatically replicate a healthy instance to replace any abnormal ones, ensuring healthy and smooth business operation and providing comprehensive protection for your business.


    Step 1: Create images of stateless CVMs in a cluster.

    Step 2: Create a scaling group, and configure the maximum and the minimum capacities as desired. Then, select Add a CVM on the list of CVMs in the scaling group to manually add the existing CVM to the cluster. Note: When a manually added CVM is replaced, it’s only removed from the scaling group but not terminated.

    Step 3: Create a notification policy and select to receive notifications about scaling activities that replace unhealthy instances.

    Alt text

    The configuration is complete.

    Benefits of AS

    AS can make the cluster secure.

    Applicable industries

    It is strongly recommended that you add stateless CVMs (if any) to the scaling group, and make this an IT deployment routine.

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