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Products that support MFA

Last updated: 2020-04-16 11:04:17

    Here is a list of products and operations that support MFA verification.

    The following account-related operations are supported:

    • Deregistering an account
    • Associating an account
    • Disassociating an account
    • Binding a token
    • Unbinding a token
    • Modifying the email login password
    • Modifying the recovery mobile number
    • Managing login status
    • Resetting the email login password
    • Viewing an API key in plaintext
    • Setting operation protection
    • Setting login protection

    The following billing-related operations are supported:

    • Bill verification


    The following CAM-related operations are supported:

    • Creating a sub-user
    • Creating a role in the console
    • Deleting a project key
    • Viewing an API key in plaintext
    • Getting a temporary token for MFA authentication
    • Querying a project key
    • Querying all user groups
    • Modifying a virtual token
    • Modifying a hardware token
    • Setting operation protection
    • Unbinding a sub-user login method
    • Unbinding a virtual sub-account token
    • Unbinding a sub-account token


    The following CVM-related operations are supported:

    • Rolling back a snapshot
    • Binding a key pair
    • Deleting a snapshot policy
    • Deleting a snapshot
    • Querying the VNC URL of an instance
    • Unmounting a cloud disk
    • Getting a VNC login token
    • Modifying a cloud disk renewal flag
    • Modifying a instance renewal flag
    • Modifying the VPC of an instance
    • Restarting an instance
    • Reinstalling an instance
    • Resetting a password
    • Adjusting an instance configuration
    • Shutting down an instance
    • Switching system reinstallation parameters
    • Switching instance configuration adjustment parameters
    • Switching instance termination parameters
    • Terminating a cloud disk
    • Terminating an instance

    The following image-related operations are supported:

    • Creating an image
    • Deleting an image

    Message Center

    The following Message Center-related operations are supported:

    • Modifying the message subscription recipient


    The following VPC-related operations are supported:

    • Creating a routing policy
    • Deleting a routing policy
    • Deleting a route table
    • Disabling subnet routing
    • Enabling subnet routing
    • Replacing a routing policy
    • Modifying the associated route table


    The following CDN-related operations are supported:

    • Deleting a domain name
    • Deactivating a domain name
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