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Configuring Basic Information

Last updated: 2022-02-23 09:55:51

    Configuring Basic Information

    On an application’s details page, you can view and modify application information. On the Basic Configuration page, you can configure the message sending threshold, global SMS message sending limit, event callback, and sending frequency limit as needed, and manage alarm recipients.

    Message Sending Threshold Settings

    1. Log in to the SMS console.
    2. You can enter the Basic Configuration tab in the following ways:
    • Select Application Management > Application List on the left sidebar and click the block of the target application to enter its details page. Then, click Basic Configuration.
    • Select Application Management > Basic Configuration on the left sidebar.
    1. Select the current application as the target application to be manipulated.
    2. Click Set in Message Sending Threshold Settings to set the message sending alarm threshold. Alarm recipients can receive the alarm notification when the threshold is reached. You can also set the message sending limit so that the application stops sending messages when the limit is reached that day.
    3. Click Set to save.
      After that, please configure alarm recipients in Notifications & Alarms so that they can receive the notification when the threshold is reached.

    Global SMS Message Sending Limit Settings


    This feature is supported only for organization users.

    1. Click Set in Global SMS Message Sending Limit Settings to specify which countries/regions can receive SMS messages and set the message sending limit in a calendar day for each country/region.

    1. You can either select a country/region one by one from the drop-down list or import multiple countries/regions by clicking Batch Import. Click Download Template to get the batch import template.
    • The message sending limit for a single country/region in a calendar day cannot exceed the total limit for all countries/regions.
    • If left empty, it will be the same as the total limit by default.
    • With these settings, the application can send messages only to the specified countries/regions.
    1. Click Set to save.
      If you want to modify the message sending limit for a single country/region in a calendar day later, click Edit in the Operation column. You can also delete or export the configured countries/regions.

    Event Callback Configuration

    1. Click Set in Event Callback Configuration, select message status callback as needed, and enter the corresponding callback URL (callback information receipt API).

    The body carried by the callback information is in JSON format.

    1. Click Set to save.
      After successful configuration, you will get a better grasp on the SMS delivery details. For example, after you configure the message receiving status callback address, Tencent Cloud will push the callback information received from the carrier to your specified callback address timely. Then, you can write appropriate code to receive, parse, and further use the callback information pushed by Tencent Cloud SMS.

    Setting a Sending Frequency Limit

    To ensure business and channel security and minimize financial loss caused by malicious call of SMS APIs, the default frequency limit for sending SMS messages is set as follows:

    • SMS messages with the same content can be sent to a single mobile number only once within 30 seconds.
    • Up to 10 messages can be sent to the same mobile number in a calender day.

    Individual users have no permission to modify the frequency limit. To use this feature, change "Individual Verification" to "Organization Verification".

    1. Click Set in Sending Frequency Limit, select the limits as needed, and set the corresponding threshold for each limit.

    2. Click Set to save.

    Setting a Frequency Limit Allowlist


    Mobile numbers in the allowlist are not subject to the frequency limit policy. An allowlist can contain up to 300 mobile numbers.

    Adding mobile number to allowlist

    1. Click Set in Frequency Limit Allowlist and enter a mobile number per row. Up to 300 mobile numbers can be added to the allowlist.

    2. Click Set to save the settings.

    Deleting mobile number from allowlist

    1. Click Delete in the row of the target mobile number in Frequency Limit Allowlist.
    2. Click Delete.
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