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Short URL Management

Last updated: 2022-02-21 16:54:27

    Verified organizational users can convert a long URL to a short URL with the statistics collection feature so as to shorten the SMS message and monitor the click effects in real time.

    Creating Short URL

    1. Log in to the SMS Console, select Marketing Management > Short URL Management on the left sidebar, and click Generate Short URL.
    2. In the Generate Short URL dialog box, enter Short URL Name and Original URL.
    3. Click OK to return to the Short URL Management page, and you can view the new short URL, which is valid for 90 days.

    Viewing Click Data

    After successfully creating a signature and a template and sending a Chinese Mainland SMS message, you can view the click data for a single short URL such as number of SMS recipients, number of short URL clickers, and short URL CTR on the Click Statistics page.

    1. Select Business Statistics > Chinese Mainland SMS on the left sidebar and click Click Statistics.
    2. Select a time period, enter the short URL name/short URL, and click Query.

    If this short URL is bound to a global SMS template, you can select Business Statistics > Global SMS on the left sidebar and view the click data.

    Statistics Description

    • SMS Recipients: total number of recipients of the Mainland China/Global SMS messages sent with the current template ID.
    • Short URL Clickers: total number of IPs that have visited this short URL.
    • Short URL CTR: short URL clickers/SMS recipients.
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