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Last updated: 2024-01-18 16:28:52

    Do SMS products support vouchers?

    Vouchers are not applicable to SMS products.

    What is the billing method of Global/Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan SMS?

    Global/Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan SMS: Pay-as-you-go(billed monthly before the 3rd day of each month).For more information, please see Product Prices. For billing rules, please see Billing.

    How do I apply for a SenderID? Do I need to pay for it?

    If you send more than 10,000 SMS messages in a single market per day, you need to register for SenderID from each carrier separately. You may need to pay for SenderID in some markets. For more questions, please contact your sales rep or submit a ticket.

    What can I do if SMS service is in arrears?

    Global/Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan SMS adopts a post-payment billing mode with daily settlement, deducting the SMS fees for the day on the next morning. If your account balance is insufficient, causing the deduction to fail, you will receive an overdue notice via SMS. If the account is not recharged within 12 hours, the service will be temporarily suspended.
    Once the outstanding balance in your Tencent Cloud account is settled, the service can be resumed for normal use. The business party shall bear the impact caused by the suspension of service due to overdue payment.

    Is a fee charged for user's reply?

    The operator will only charge the sender a fee for user's reply.
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