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Last updated: 2020-05-09 10:25:41

Queue APIs

API Name Feature
ClearQueue Clears all messages in queue
CreateQueue Creates queue
DeleteQueue Deletes queue
DescribeDeadLetterSourceQueues Enumerates the source queues of dead letter queue
DescribeQueueDetail Enumerates queues
ModifyQueueAttribute Modifies queue attributes
RewindQueue Rewinds queue
UnbindDeadLetter Unbinds dead letter queue

Subscription APIs

API Name Feature
ClearSubscriptionFilterTags Clears the message tags of subscriber
CreateSubscribe Creates subscription
DeleteSubscribe Deletes subscription
DescribeSubscriptionDetail Queries subscription details
ModifySubscriptionAttribute Modifies subscription attributes

Topic APIs

API Name Feature
CreateTopic Creates topic
DeleteTopic Deletes topic
DescribeTopicDetail Queries topic details
ModifyTopicAttribute Modifies topic attributes
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