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Importing Data

Last updated: 2021-08-17 17:21:16

    Currently, you can import data backed up from pg_dump to PostgreSQL for Serverless through the psql command.


    If your data is already in a self-built PostgreSQL database, you can use the psql command to easily migrate the data to PostgreSQL for Serverless.
    The data migration is mainly divided into two steps:

    1. Perform logical backup by using the pg_dump command to create dump data.
    2. Restore the data backed up in the previous step to PostgreSQL for Serverless.


    You have prepared a PostgreSQL for Serverless instance. If not, please see Getting Started.

    Step 1. Export data

    Connect to the local database by using the PostgreSQL client and run the following command to back up the data.

    pg_dump -U username -h hostname -p port -O databasename -f filename

    In order to avoid execution permission problems, you need to add the -O parameter.

    Parameter Description
    username Local database username
    hostname Local database host name
    port Local database port number
    databasename Name of the local database to be backed up
    filename Name of the backup file to be generated, such as mydump.sql

    Step 2. Import data to PostgreSQL for Serverless

    Preparations: upload the data backed up to a CVM instance in the same VPC as the PostgreSQL for Serverless instance, and then restore the data over the private network to ensure network stability and data security.

    Log in to the CVM instance and run the following command in the PostgreSQL client to restore the data.

    psql -U username -h hostname -d desintationdb -p port -f dumpfilename

    During the import, there may be some errors reported. You can find the specific causes according to the error messages. Some errors don't affect the data import.

    Parameter Description
    username PostgreSQL for Serverless database username
    hostname PostgreSQL for Serverless database address
    desintationdb PostgreSQL for Serverless database name
    port PostgreSQL for Serverless database port number
    dumpfilename Backup file name, such as mydump.sql
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