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Use Cases

Last updated: 2021-08-17 17:21:16

    Infrequently Used Application

    Some applications are used only a few times a day or a week for only a few minutes each time, such as a low-volume blog website. If you choose a traditional database, you need to pay for the database even when it is idle.
    With PostgreSQL for Serverless, you can create a cost-effective database and only pay for it when it is active.

    Unpredictable Workload

    If your program needs to use the database around the clock and has unpredictable activity peaks, or when the program load changes rapidly, unpredictable business peaks may occur at any time, then PostgreSQL for Serverless is an ideal choice for you.
    With PostgreSQL for Serverless, the capacity of your database will be automatically expanded to sustain peak loads of your application and reduced after activity surges end. There is no need to provision the peak capacity, so you don't have to pay for infrequently used resources, and there is no need to evenly allocate the capacity, so an optimal balance can be achieved between the performance and cost.

    Development and Test Databases

    Software development and quality assurance (QA) teams need to use databases during working hours but not at night or on weekends.
    With PostgreSQL for Serverless, your database will be automatically shut down when not in use and started up faster when you start working in it the next day.

    Low-Traffic Application

    If your application has low traffic, it is usually impossible for you to make the most out of the standard instance with the lowest specification, but you still need to pay for the surplus performance.
    PostgreSQL for Serverless eliminates your need to pay for the surplus performance.

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