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Last updated: 2022-01-13 12:28:59

    Managed Deployment

    You can launch a TencentDB for PostgreSQL instance and connect it to applications in minutes with no additional configuration required. The default configuration has universal parameters that can be modified at any time in the console. This eliminates laborious and complicated installation and configuration processes and improves your OPS efficiency.

    Convenient Monitoring

    TencentDB for PostgreSQL provides key operational metrics for PostgreSQL databases for free, including performance monitoring data such as CPU utilization, storage utilization, and I/O. You can view them in the console to quickly locate and resolve issues. In addition, customizable metric alarms are also available to allow you to stay on top of exceptions via email and SMS without needing to monitor your databases round the clock.

    Ultra-high Performance

    TencentDB for PostgreSQL provides a QPS at least 10 times that of SATA by using NVMe SSDs. It features a primary/standby deployment mode and enables sync replication by default; this enables you to avoid business interruptions and problems such as data corruption and loss.

    Enhanced Security

    Databases by default adopt a primary/standby strong sync mechanism with database instance availability of up to 99.95% and data reliability of up to 99.99999%.
    The cluster scheduler of TencentDB for PostgreSQL will automatically restore a node when it fails to a previous point in time for failover and disaster recovery. You can also manually restore database data from backups in the console. For more information, please see Backing up Data. Moreover, TencentDB provides multiple default layers of security protection for each database that does not need to be purchased separately.

    Strong Scalability

    TencentDB for PostgreSQL instances can be scaled in the Tencent Cloud console to meet your elastic business needs with no additional configuration needed. The scaling process won't change the IPs and settings of the original instances, and your business will be interrupted just for a second. If the existing instances cannot sustain your business, their capacity can be easily expanded to serve more end users with minor or no changes made to your business.

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