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Use Cases

Last updated: 2021-02-05 14:48:27

    Enterprise Databases

    Applications such as ERP, trading systems and financial systems need to handle sensitive data such as fund and customer information. Therefore, they require no data loss and complex business logics. With PostgreSQL as the underlying storage system, you can achieve high availability with data consistency, and implement complex business logics with simple programming languages.

    Applications with LBS

    Large games, O2O and other applications need to support such capabilities as world map, nearby stores, distance between two points, etc. PostGIS provides additional support for geographic objects, allowing you to run location queries with SQL without the need of complex programming languages, so that you can simplify your business logics, easily implement LBS, and increase the user stickiness.

    Data Warehouse and Big Data

    With more data types and powerful computing capability, PostgreSQL makes it easier for you to build a data warehouse or a big data analytics platform, so as to maximize your business operation value.

    Website or App Development

    Featuring good performance and powerful capabilities, PostgreSQL can effectively improve website performance and reduce development difficulty.

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