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Cluster Overview

Last updated: 2022-04-25 12:28:55

    Cluster Overview

    A cluster is a collection of cloud resources required for running a container, including several CVMs and CLBs. You can run your applications in your cluster.

    Cluster Architecture

    A TKE cluster is compatible with Kubernetes, which includes the following components:

    • Master: used to control nodes of the management plane of a cluster.
    • Etcd: used to retain the status information of the entire cluster.
    • Node: worker nodes used to run applications.

    Cluster Types

    TKE supports the following cluster types:

    Cluster Type Description
    Managed cluster Master and Etcd are managed by TKE
    Self-deployed cluster Master and Etcd nodes are built on your owned servers

    For more information, see Cluster Hosting Mode Instruction.

    Cluster Lifecycle

    For more information on TKE cluster lifecycle, see Cluster Lifecycle.

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