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    Add-on description

    The Kubernetes-csi-tencentcloud COS-CSI plug-in allows you to use Tencent Cloud Object Storage (COS) in your TKE cluster.

    Kubernetes objects deployed in a cluster

    Kubernetes Object Name Type Default Resource Consumption Namespaces
    csi-cosplugin-external-runner StatefulSet - kube-system
    csi-coslauncher DaemonSet - kube-system
    csi-cosplugin DaemonSet - kube-system
    csi-cosplugin-external-runner Service - kube-system
    csi-cos-tencentcloud-token Secret - kube-system

    Use Cases

    COS is a distributed storage service provided by Tencent Cloud to store massive files. You can store and view data at any time over a network. Tencent Cloud COS provides scalable, affordable, reliable, and secure data storage services for all users.

    With the COS-CSI add-on, you can quickly use COS as COSFS in your cluster through standard native Kubernetes. For more information, see COSFS.


    • Supports clusters with Kubernetes version 1.10 and later.
    • For Kubernetes 1.12 clusters, the following kubelet configuration must be added: --feature-gates=KubeletPluginsWatcher=false.
    • For more information on the limits of COSFS, see COSFS.
    • To use COS in TKE, you must install this add-on in your cluster, which consumes some system resources.


    Installing the COS add-on

    1. Log in to the TKE console and select Cluster in the left sidebar.
    2. On the "Cluster Management" page, click the ID of the target cluster to go to the cluster details page.
    3. In the left sidebar, click Add-On Management to go to the "Add-On List" page.
    4. On the "Add-On List" page, click Create. On the "Create an Add-On" page that appears, select COS.
    5. Click Finish to create the add-on.

    Using COS

    You can mount COS for workloads in a TKE cluster. For more information, see Using COS.

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