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Network Policy

Last updated: 2020-12-31 17:03:42


    Add-on description

    Network Policy is a resource provided by Kubernetes for defining pod-based network isolation policies. It describes whether a group of pods can communicate with other groups of pods and other network entities. This add-on provides a controller for implementing resources of this type. You can use this add-on if you want to control the network traffic of specific applications at the IP address or port layer (layer 3 or layer 4 of OSI).

    Kubernetes objects deployed in a cluster

    Kubernetes Object Name Type Requested Resource Namespace
    networkpolicy DaemonSet Each instance: CPU: 250 m, Memory: 250 Mi kube-system
    networkpolicy ClusterRole - kube-system
    networkpolicy ClusterRoleBinding - kube-system
    networkpolicy ServiceAccount - kube-system


    1. Log in to the TKE console and select Cluster in the left sidebar.
    2. On the “Cluster Management page, click the ID of the target cluster to go to the cluster details page.
    3. In the left sidebar, click Add-on Management to go to the Add-on List page.
    4. On the Add-on List page, click Create and select NetworkPolicy in the pop-up Create Add-on window. For details of NetworkPolicy configuration, see Best Practices for Network Policy.
    5. Click Done.
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