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Last updated: 2022-08-31 11:41:34


    Add-on description

    Nginx can be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, and HTTP buffer. The Nginx-ingress add-on is an Ingress controller for Kubernetes that uses Nginx as a reverse proxy and load balancer. You can deploy and use the Nginx-ingress add-on in your cluster.

    Kubernetes objects deployed in a cluster

    Deploying the Nginx-ingress add-on in a cluster will deploy the following Kubernetes objects in the cluster:

    Kubernetes Object Name Type Default Resource Occupation Namespaces
    nginx-ingress Service - Custom
    nginx-ingress Configmap - Custom
    tke-ingress-nginx-controller-operator Deployment 0.13-core CPU, 128 MB memory kube-system
    ingress-nginx-controller Deployment/DaementSet 0.1-core CPU kube-system
    ingress-nginx-controller-hpa HPA - kube-system


    • We recommend that you use Kubernetes 1.16 or later.
    • We recommend that you use the TKE node pool feature.
    • We recommend that you use TKE cloud native monitoring.
    • We recommend that you use Tencent Cloud CLS.


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