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Creating a Super Node

Last updated: 2022-09-23 11:06:22

    Super Node Introduction

    Super nodes are created in TKE Serverless clusters for Pod scheduling. A super node is created in each subnet of the container network when you create a TKE Serverless cluster.

    In the following scenarios, you can resolve the issues by creating super nodes:

    • When you run a large-scale workload in a TKE Serverless cluster, a Pod cannot be created due to exhaustion of IPs in the subnet of availability zone where the service is located. It is recommended that you create super nodes in a new subnet to have more IPs.

    • As the scale of services expands, services need to be automatically distributed in multiple availability zones. It is recommended that you create super nodes in a new subnet to expand availability zones of the resources.

    • When you create a workload, Pod pending is caused by resource shortage for the availability zone. This may be reflected as the following cluster events:

      EVENT REASON : “FailedCreatePodSandBox”
      EVENT MESSAGE : “Failed to create pod sandbox in underlay (will retry): insufficient resource”

      You can create super nodes in other availability zones to expand resources available in the cluster.

    Billing Mode

    Fees are not charged for super nodes and the cost will be calculated based on the CPU, GPU, memory value and the running time of the workload. For details, see Billing Overview, Product Pricing, and Purchase Limits.


    This document describes how to create a super node in a TKE Serverless cluster in the TKE console.



    1. Log in to the TKE console and click Cluster in the left sidebar.
    2. On the cluster management page, click the ID of the target Serverless cluster to enter the basic information page.
    3. Click Super node in the left sidebar to enter the super node list page.
    4. Click Create. On the “Create super node” page, configure the parameters as shown below.
    • Billing mode: Only pay-as-you-go is available.
    • Container network: Specify the network allocated when Pods are scheduled to a super node. The Pods scheduled to the super node are on the same VPC as Tencent Cloud services such as CVM and TencentDB. Each Pod will occupy an IP address of the VPC subnet. You can select any subnet of the VPC where the Serverless cluster is located, as long as it has sufficient IP addresses to meet your needs.
    • Security group: The security group works as a firewall to control access to the CVM network. For more information, see TKE Security Group Settings.
    1. Click Confirm to complete the process.

    After the creation of the super node, please refer to Managing a Super Node for subsequent management.

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