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Customized DNS Service of Serverless Cluster

Last updated: 2022-09-26 17:12:57

    The entry for DNS Forward configuration is no longer available. The parameters of DNS Forward configured previously will be synced and updated in the Corefile of CoreDNS. If you want to modify the DNS service of the cluster, please refer to the following instructions or the directions of native Kubernetes CoreDNS.


    This document describes how to modify the DNS service of a cluster through modifying the CoreDNS configuration file.


    You have created an serverless cluster. You need to select Deploy CoreDNS to allow the service discovery in the cluster in the advanced configuration at the time of creation.


    Default Corefile configuration

    When a CoreDNS is deployed in an serverless cluster, a Configmap is mounted by default to act as the CoreDNS configuration file (i.e. Corefile).
    The default configuration of Corefile is as follows:

    apiVersion: v1
    kind: ConfigMap
    name: coredns
    namespace: kube-system
    Corefile: |
      .:53 {
          health :8081
          kubernetes cluster.local in-addr.arpa ip6.arpa {
             pods insecure
             fallthrough in-addr.arpa ip6.arpa
             ttl 30
          prometheus :9153
          forward .
          cache 30

    Each configuration item adopts the configuration of native Kubernetes. For details, see CoreDNS. Please note:

    • forward:, is the default DNS address of Tencent Cloud.

    Customize configuration of Corefile

    You can modify ConfigMap of CoreDNS (i.e. Corefile) to modify relevant configuration of service discovery. The use method is consistent with that of the native kubernetes. For details, see Customizing DNS Service.

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