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TMP Instance Management

Last updated: 2022-05-16 15:39:27


    You can easily create a TMP instance and associate it with a cluster in the current region. Clusters associated with the same TMP instance share the same monitoring metrics and alarming policies. Currently, TMP supports managed clusters, self-deployed clusters, elastic clusters and edge clusters. This document describes how to create and manage TMP instances in the TKE console.


    Service authorization

    When using TMP for the first time, you need to assign the TKE_QCSLinkedRoleInPrometheusService role to the service, which is used to authorize the TMP to access the COS bucket.

    1. Log in to the TKE console and click TMP in the left sidebar to pop up the Service authorization window.
    2. Click Go to Cloud Access Management to enter the Role management page.
    3. Click Grant to complete authentication.

    Creating TMP instance

    1. Log in to the TKE console and click TMP in the left sidebar.
    2. Click Create at the top of the instance list page.
    3. You will be redirected to the Tencent Managed Service for Prometheus page.
    4. Purchase an instance as needed. For parameter details, see Creating Instance.
    5. Click Complete. Now you can click Associate with TKE to see the list of TMP instances.
    6. You can check the instance creation progress on the page. If the instance status changes to "Running", the instance was successfully created and is running properly.

      If it takes too long to create an instance or the displayed status is abnormal, submit a ticket.

    Deleting TMP instance

    1. Log in to the TKE console and click TMP in the left sidebar.
    2. On the instance list page, click Terminate/Return on the right of the instance to be deleted.
    3. In the Terminate/Return pop-up window, click OK to delete the current instance.

      When the instance is deleted, the monitoring components installed in the cluster as well as the EKS cluster and CLB instance associated with the instance will be deleted at the same time by default.

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