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Spot Mode

Last updated: 2022-09-13 15:01:50

    Spot Mode Overview

    You can purchase resources with low costs in the spot mode of TKE Serverless Cluster. In some scenarios, you can pay a price lower than that of the pay-as-you-go instances to run Pods until they are interrupted and repossessed by Tencent Cloud, greatly reducing the costs.

    When using the spot mode, you can deploy workloads in containers just like you are using other pay-as-you-go resources.

    Spot Mode Policy

    Price policy

    A fixed discount (80% off) is used by the spot mode of TKE Serverless Cluster. That means the Pod resources with all specifications are sold at the fixed discount (80% off) of the original prices defined in Product Pricing.


    The discount only applies to the billable items (CPU, memory and GPU) of resources in the Pods. It is not applicable to resources such as network bandwidth, network traffic and persistent storage.

    Interruption and repossessing mechanism

    In the spot mode, when the resources in Tencent Cloud computing resource pool are insufficient, the assigned Pods are interrupted and repossessed randomly. Note that the cache data in the Pods will not be retained.

    The following events may occur when the Pods are interrupted and repossessed:

    EVENT REASON : “SpotPodInterruption”
    EVENT MESSAGE : “Spot pod was interrupted, it will be killed and re-created”

    Use Cases

    Short-time emergent and periodic tasks

    The spot mode is suitable for workloads that do not run for a long time. For example, video transcoding, video rendering, service stress testing, batch computing and crawlers.

    Divisible computing tasks

    The spot mode is suitable for systems that can divide long-term tasks into fine-grained tasks for computing based on the objects, such as EMR and other big data suite.

    Stateless computing tasks or tasks supporting checkpoint restart

    • It is suitable for workloads that put the intermediate computing results on the persistent storage and continue the computing after being restarted when Pods are repossessed.
    • It is suitable for stateless workloads that support automatic load balancing and service discovery, and workloads that can be restarted when the Pods are repossessed.

    Enabling the Spot Mode

    You can enable the spot mode for a workload by adding the following Pod template annotation in the workload YAML.

    eks.tke.cloud.tencent.com/spot-pod: "true"

    For more information, see Annotation.

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