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Last updated: 2022-06-14 15:23:40

    Microservice Architecture

    The microservice architecture is suitable for creating complex applications. It splits your monolithic application into multiple micro-services across different dimensions, and the content of each micro-service can be managed by a Docker image.

    The following figure shows the microservice architecture:

    Advantages of Deploying Microservice by Using Tencent Cloud TKE

    • Cluster management is simplified and cluster installation is not required.
    • Seamlessly connects to Tencent Cloud's computing, network, storage, monitoring, security capabilities, and directly uses Tencent Cloud's IaaS capability.
    • It is easy to use, and supports service arrangement and application management at service granularity. Resources are highly isolated while services are highly available.

    Continuous Integration and Delivery

    An excellent DevOps environment is provided through continuous integration and continuous delivery to greatly increase the efficiency of software release.

    Continuous Integration

    Allows developers to complete building and (unit) testing processes immediately after submitting new codes. According to test results, you can determine whether new codes and original codes can be properly integrated.

    Continuous Delivery

    Based on continuous integration, the integrated codes will be deployed in the operating environment.


    By deploying services on Tencent Cloud TKE, developers can perform such operations as building, testing, packaging, and integration immediately after submitting new codes. Then, they deploy the integrated codes into the pre-release environment and live environment through continuous integration.

    The following figure shows the process of continuous integration and continuous delivery.

    Migrating Business Quickly to Tencent Cloud

    To migrate individual or enterprise business to Tencent Cloud, you can use Tencent Cloud TKE to simplify cloud configuration and cluster management to improve the efficiency of service delivery.
    Tencent Cloud TKE allows you to quickly create services, realize containerized deployment of applications, and also achieve auto-scaling, on-demand deployment, high availability, easy capacity expansion, friendly development, and labor cost reduction. See the figure below.

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