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Postpaid Billing

Last updated: 2024-01-02 14:19:33
    All the dates and times for settlements and transactions under your Tencent Cloud account are based on Beijing Time (UTC + 08:00).
    With a Tencent Cloud postpaid billing account, you are provided with a certain credit limit that you can use to make payments for Tencent Cloud services. Payments during each billing cycle will be deducted from the default payment method bound to your postpaid account based on your billing cycle. You can also make a payment before it is due. After a bill is paid successfully, your available credit will be restored.

    Postpaid account information

    Initial Credit

    Initial credit is the amount of credit offered by Tencent Cloud according to a customer's credit rating. The credit limit increases with successful payments.

    Available Credit

    Available credit is the amount of credit currently available within the billing cycle. You can purchase Tencent Cloud services if your available credit is greater than zero. Available credit may be depleted if there is a large bill pending.
    Available Credit = Credit limit - unsettled amount - outstanding balance - deposit

    Credit Limit

    The credit limit is the maximum current amount of credit, which is equal to your initial credit plus the top-up amount (payment overflow).

    Unsettled Amount

    The unsettled amount is the total amount of Tencent Cloud fees incurred during the current billing cycle.

    Outstanding Balance

    An outstanding balance is the total amount of fees payable by you to Tencent Cloud, which includes due and overdue fees.

    Due Amount

    A due amount refers to a bill amount that should be paid before the due date occurs.

    Overdue Amount

    An overdue amount refers to a bill amount that was not paid before the due date occurred and is now overdue.

    Frozen Funds

    For certain pay-as-you-go services, such as CVM, the system estimates an amount based on the billing cycle and usage in previous periods and freezes the estimated amount in the available credit. The frozen amount cannot be spent until the resource is released. For product-specific rules related to frozen funds, refer to the documentation for the specific product.

    Billing Cycle

    A billing cycle is the time interval during which your spending on Tencent Cloud products is added up and billed. If you do not have a Tencent Cloud sales representative, your billing cycle is set to 0 by default. If you do, your billing cycle is one month by default, and fees will be automatically deducted from your default payment method on the 10th day of each month. Your sales representative can adjust your billing cycle.
    For example, if your initial credit is 1,000 USD, and your billing cycle is one month, the fees you incurred throughout April will be calculated in May, and the payment will be deducted on June 10.
    For details, see Auto-payment.

    Monthly Expense Alert

    You can configure an alert to be sent when your monthly expense (excluding the amount deducted by vouchers) exceeds the alert threshold. You can select alert recipients on the Message Subscription page of the Message Center. By default, reminders are sent via Message Center, email, and SMS.


    Can available credit be withdrawn?

    No, the available credit provided by Tencent Cloud cannot be withdrawn from your account.
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