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Restarting Instances

Last updated: 2022-04-06 17:31:14

    Restarting an instance is a common approach for troubleshooting. Restarting a GPU instance is equivalent to restarting the operating system of a local PC.


    • Preparation: The instance cannot provide service during restart. Make sure the GPU instance has stopped receiving service requests before you restart it.

    • How to restart: It is recommended to restart an instance in the Tencent Cloud console, instead of running the restart command in the instance (such as restart command under Windows and reboot command under Linux).

    • Restart period: Generally, it takes only a few minutes to restart an instance.

    • Physical attributes of instances: Restarting an instance does not change any of its physical attributes, so the public IP, private IP, and any data stored on the instance will remain unchanged.

    • Billing: Restarting instances will not start a new billing period.

    Restarting an Instance in the Console

    1. Log in to the CVM Console.

    2. Select the instance to restart, and click Restart at the top of the list, or click More -> CVM Status -> Restart in the Operation column on the right side.

    3. To restart multiple instances, select all the instances to restart, and click Restart at the top of the list.

    Restarting an Instance Using API

    For more information, see RebootInstances API.

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