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Use Cases

Last updated: 2020-11-06 11:02:14

    Dynamic Content Acceleration

    For the dynamic data in scenarios such as game battles, e-commerce transactions, financial payment, online education concerning teacher-student interactions, ECDN can select the optimal origin-pull linkage through technologies such as dynamic path detection and intelligent routing to greatly reduce access latency for users and solve problems such as slow loading of dynamic content, operation lags, etc., significantly improving user experience.

    Layer-4 Protocols Acceleration

    ECDN supports standard protocols such as HTTP and HTTPS, layer-4 non-standard protocols such as TCP and UDP, as well as some new protocols such as HTTP2 and WebSocket, which can be applied to various business scenarios and fully meet your acceleration needs.

    Dynamic and Static Hybrid Acceleration

    ECDN can automatically identify dynamic and static contents. Static contents are cached on edge servers and the requests to them are processed with the global load balancing technology, enabling nearby access for users to get resources. For dynamic contents, ECDN can determine the optimal linkage through dynamic path detection to pull origin servers for resources. With ECDN, you can have the one-stop acceleration service for dynamic and static content without using different platforms.

    Upload Acceleration

    ECDN is ideal for uploading acceleration in information collection and content releasing scenarios such as audio/video uploading, file uploading, financial POST requests, and online course releasing. Through content delivery and dynamic acceleration technologies, stable and fast data uploading can be achieved.

    Security Acceleration

    ECDN can not only satisfy your acceleration needs but can be used with advanced security protection features. You can quickly enable WAF protection, DDoS cleansing, precise access control, and other security protection features for all-round business security protection.

    Cross-border Acceleration

    International large enterprises dealing in global businesses may suffer issues such as network jitter and high packet loss rate during cross-border and cross-network data transmission. ECDN has deployed thousands of service nodes across the globe with network nodes covering more than 50 countries and regions, fully meeting your needs in business globalization.

    Office Collaboration Acceleration

    Office collaboration not only involves sharing of static content such as files and documentation, but requires dynamic data transmission in multi-person collaboration and real-time communication, in which, however, work efficiency can be greatly reduced by slow downloading and information latency. With ECDN, the one-stop acceleration service for dynamic and static content can be delivered for your stable, reliable, and easy office collaboration.

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