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Getting Started

Last updated: 2020-12-10 14:54:51

    This document helps you get started with Tencent Cloud Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN).

    1. Basic ECDN Knowledge

    2. ECDN Billing Modes

    Tencent Cloud ECDN billing modes consist of bill-by-number of requests and bill-by-traffic exceeding the free tier limit, that is, the total cost consists of the fees respectively incurred by the number of requests and the traffic exceeding the free tier limit. For more information, please see Billing Overview.

    3. Getting Started

    3.1 Activate the service and select the billing mode

    Before using ECDN, you need to sign up for a Tencent Cloud account and activate the ECDN service. For more information, please see Configuring ECDN.

    3.2 Connect a domain name

    To activate the acceleration service for your business, you need to connect an acceleration domain name. ECDN caches static content on edge servers to enable nearby resource access for users and quickly pulls origin servers to get dynamic content through intelligent routing optimization, protocol optimization, and other dynamic acceleration technologies, realizing resource access acceleration. For more information, please see Domain Name Connection.

    3.3 Configure CNAME

    When the domain name connection is completed, ECDN will assign a corresponding CNAME address to you, which needs to be configured before the acceleration service taking effect. For detailed directions, please see CNAME Configuration.

    4. Overview of Console Features

    Desired Operation Reference Document
    Deleting the connected acceleration domain name; enabling/disabling its acceleration service; modifying its project. Domain Name Operations
    Optimizing your ECDN acceleration effect. ECDN supports various custom configurations. Configuration Overview
    Learning about the advanced origin-pull policies supported by ECDN. Advanced Origin-Pull Policies
    Viewing mapping between the console features and `Action` values. Console Permission Description
    Granting permissions at a domain name level via custom policy statements. Creating Policies
    Viewing metrics such as the number of requests, access traffic, and response time. Statistics of Access
    Querying monitoring data of status codes. Status Code Statistics
    Regularly purging resources cached on nodes and caching the latest resources by pulling origin servers. Cache Purge
    Configuring HTTPS certificates for domain names connected to ECDN. Certificate Management
    Analyzing the detailed access logs of your connected domain names. Log Management

    5. FAQs


    Access service

    Domain name connection

    Features and concepts

    6. Feedback and Suggestion

    If you have any doubts or suggestions when using Tencent Cloud ECDN, you can submit your feedback through the following channels. Dedicated personnel will contact you to solve your problems.

    • If you find any problems in product documentation such as links, content, or API errors, you can click Send Feedback at the bottom of the document to submit the documentation issues.
    • If you encounter product-related problems, please submit a ticket.
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