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Last updated: 2020-06-29 16:49:29

    DTS supports data transfer between RDBMS (relational) and NoSQL (non-relational) data sources and offers a wide range of data transfer methods such as data migration, real-time data subscription, and real-time data sync. Compared with third-party data flow tools, DTS provides a wider selection of more secure, reliable, and high-performance transfer linkages as well as convenient features, greatly facilitating the creation and management of transfer linkages.

    Data Sync

    DTS helps migrate your databases to TencentDB with virtually no need for shutdown during data replication. All the changes made to data in the source database during migration will be replicated to the target database, so the service provided by the source database will not be affected during the process. After the replication is completed, the source and target databases will stay in sync, and you can choose the business switch time as needed.

    High Transfer Performance

    DTS uses high-spec servers to ensure that every migration or sync linkage has outstanding transfer performance. In terms of data migration, its underlying layer adopts a variety of performance optimizations that make it outperform traditional data migration tools.

    Auto Recovery from Failure

    DTS boasts an extremely high availability where each node is capable of high-efficiency recovery and self-healing that enable automatic failover in a matter of seconds. Thanks to its high reliability, DTS helps you migrate your data to the cloud with no concerns over data consistency.

    Visual Operations

    DTS requires no separate drivers or applications or major changes to the source database. To enable DTS, you just need to complete some simple configurations in the visual management interface presented by Tencent Cloud.

    Easy and Quick Setup

    A migration task can be set within minutes in the DTS Console, where you can specify various parameters as needed to perform migration, including setting the connection between source and target databases, migration type, and objects to be migrated.

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