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Last updated: 2021-11-15 15:52:25

    MySQL/TDSQL-C Check Details

    • Check requirements: when exporting a view structure, DTS will check whether user1 corresponding to DEFINER ([DEFINER = user1]) in the source database is the same as user2 in the migration target.

      • If they are the same, do not modify the settings after migration.
      • If they are different, change the SQL SECURITY attribute of user1 in the target database after migration from DEFINER to INVOKER ([INVOKER = user1]), and set the DEFINER in the target database to user2 of the migration target ([DEFINER = migration target user2]).
    • Check description: the SQL SECURITY parameter indicates according to whose permissions the system runs the command when a user accesses the specified view.

      • DEFINER: only the definer can run the command.
      • INVOKER: only invokers with the invocation permissions can run the command.
        By default, DEFINER is specified by the system.

    TDSQL for MySQL Check Details

    Only a definer that is the same as the migration target's user@host is allowed; that is, when a view structure is exported, DTS will check whether the user1 corresponding to the definer in the source database ([DEFINER = user1]) is the same with the user2 in the migration target's user@host, and if yes, the view can be migrated; otherwise, it cannot.

    For a definer different from that of the migration target's user@host, if you want to migrate it, you need to modify the definer in the source database view to the migration target's user, or do not select it during the migration/sync task and then manually sync the view after the task is completed.

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