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Viewing Log

Last updated: 2021-12-24 14:22:42


    During a migration task, you can view the migration logs to know the task progress.


    1. Log in to the DTS console, and you can view a task in the following two ways:
      • Method 1: on the Data Migration page, select the target migration task and click the task name.
      • Method 2: on the Data Migration page, select the target migration task and click More > View in the Operation column.
    2. View the migration logs.
      Switch the tab to view the task logs.

    Task Status Description

    Status Description
    Configured The migration task configuration has been completed.
    Checking The migration task is being checked.
    Verification passed The migration task passed the verification.
    Verification failed The migration task failed the verification.
    Preparing The verification has been completed, and data migration is ready to start.
    Task running The migration task is running.
    Prepared Task running is basically completed and is ready to enter the completed status.
    Task successful The migration task is successfully completed.
    Retryable error occurred The migration task was interrupted during migration due to an exception. You can retry and resume the task in the console.
    Task failed The migration task failed.
    Terminating The migration task is being manually terminated during execution.
    Completed During incremental migration, Done is manually clicked to move the task into the Completed status.
    Task error During migration, the task is interrupted due to an exception and cannot be continued.
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