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Direct Connect or VPN Access: Configuring VPN-IDC Interconnection

Last updated: 2021-12-27 11:20:37


    If the access type is VPN gateway, you need to create a VPC and VPN and establish a tunnel between the VPN and IDC for interconnection.

    In this scenario, your VPC is "TomVPC", your subnet is "subnet A", and the IP range of “subnet A” is The created VPN gateway is "TomVPNGW", the public IP of the VPN gateway is, the subnet IP range of your IDC is, the public IP of the VPN gateway in your IDC is, and the IP address of the source database server is


    Configure as instructed in Overview.

    Subsequent Steps

    1. After the VPN is connected to your IDC, on the DTS task page, select VPN Access.
      ParameterDescriptionSample Value
      VPN Gateway Name of the VPN gateway created in the VPC. TomVPNGW
      VPC Name of your VPC. TomVPC
      Subnet Name of the subnet of your VPC. Subnet A
      Host Address IP address of the source database server.
      Port Port used by the source database. Below are the default ports for common databases (if they are modified, enter the actual ports):
      • MySQL: 3306
      • SQL Server: 1433
      • PostgreSQL: 5432
      • MongoDB: 27017
      • Redis: 6379
    2. Click Test Connectivity. If the test fails, troubleshoot as follows:
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