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Data Subscription Guide (for Kafka)

Last updated: 2021-12-23 15:18:00

    Relevant Information

    Overall Process

    Operation Process Description
    1. Prepare Before creating a data subscription task, you need to prepare a network environment.
    2. Create a data subscription task This section provides only a basic sample subscription task. For more scenarios, see Data Subscription.
    3. Manage the subscription task For more information on operations such as modifying the subscription object, see Task Management.
    4. Consume the subscribed data Manage a consumer group and use the Kafka client to subscribe to the data. For more information, see Consuming Subscribed Data.
    5. Stop the task After the subscription task is completed, you need to manually stop it.

    Sample Data Subscription Task

    1. Log in to the DTS console, select Data Subscription on the left sidebar, and click Create Subscription.
    2. On the Create Subscription page, select the corresponding configuration and click Buy Now.
    3. After successful purchase, return to the data subscription list. You need to click Configure Subscription in the Operation column to configure the newly purchased subscription before you can use it.
    4. On the Subscription Configuration page, select the corresponding configuration items and click Next.
    5. On the Subscription Type and Object page, select a subscription type and click Save.

      Subscription objects exclude the system tables and databases named test, as DTS does not support subscription to system tables, and test databases are recognized as test data by DTS.

    6. On the Pre-verification page, a pre-verification task will run for 2–3 minutes. After the pre-verification is passed, click Start to complete data subscription task configuration.

      If verification fails, modify the task in the instance to be subscribed to as prompted and initiate the verification again.

    7. After you click Start, the subscription task will be initialized, which will take 3–4 minutes. After successful initialization, the task will enter the Running status.
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