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Data Sync Guide

Last updated: 2022-09-02 15:04:25


    Overall process

    Operation Process Description
    1. Prepare Before creating a data sync task, you need to prepare the source and target databases and a network environment as instructed in Overview to meet the environment requirements.
    2. Create a data sync task This section provides only a basic sample sync task. For more scenarios, see Data Sync from MySQL to TencentDB for MySQL.
    3. View the sync progress or perform other operations
  • You can view the overall sync progress and perform operations such as verification and retry as instructed in Viewing Task.
  • You can view various data sync metrics as instructed in Viewing Monitoring Metric.
  • 4. Compare the sync items and stop the task After the sync task is done, check whether the source and target database have the same content and manually stop the sync task as instructed in Stopping Task.

    Sample data sync task

    1. Log in to the data sync purchase page, select appropriate configuration items, and click Buy Now.
    2. After successful purchase, return to the data sync list, and you can see the newly created data sync task. You need to configure it before you can use it.
    3. In the data sync list, click Configure in the Operation column to enter the sync task configuration page.
    4. On the sync task configuration page, configure the source and target instances and their accounts and passwords, test the connectivity, and click Next.
    5. On the Set sync options and objects page, set the data initialization, data sync, and sync object options and click Save and Go Next.

      Table renaming: If needed, hover over the right side of a selected object, and the Edit icon will be displayed. Click it and then enter a new name in the pop-up window.
    6. On the Verify task page, complete the verification. After all check items are passed, click Start Task.

      If an alarm is displayed in the verification result, it will not affect the task start, but we recommend you click View Details to get the suggestions for adjustment.

    7. Return to the data sync task list, and you can see that the task has entered the Running status.

      You can click More > Stop in the Operation column to stop a sync task. You need to ensure that data sync has been completed before stopping the task.

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