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Usage Limits

Last updated: 2022-06-08 15:30:37

The maximum number of ENIs that can be bound to a CVM and the maximum number of private IPs allowed for a single ENI vary according to the CPU specification. See the table below for details. For information on the quota limits for other VPC products, see Quota Limit.


  • The number of private IPs bound to a single ENI indicates the maximum number allowed. The EIP quota is not provided based on this upper limit but based on EIP quota.
  • The number of ENIs indicates the number of ENIs that can be bound to a CVM instance, while each VPC supports up to 1,000 ENIs.
ModelInstance TypeNumber of ENIs
CPU: 1 coreCPU: 2 coresCPU: 4 coresCPU: 6 coresCPU: 8 coresCPU: 10 coresCPU: 12 coresCPU: 14 coresCPU: 16 coresCPU: >16 cores
StandardStandard S5244-6---88
Standard Storage Optimized S5se--4-6---88
Standard SA3244-6---88
Standard SA2244-6---88
Standard S4244-6---88
Standard Network-optimized SN3ne244-6-8-88
Standard S3244-6-8-88
Standard SA1224-6---88
Standard S2244-6-8-88
Standard S1244-6-8-88
High IOHigh IO IT5--------88
High IO IT3--------88
Memory OptimizedMemory Optimized M5244-6-8-88
Memory Optimized M4244-6-8-88
Memory Optimized M3244-6-8-88
Memory Optimized M2244-6-8-88
Memory Optimized M1244-6-8-88
ComputeCompute Optimized C4--4-6---88
Compute Network-optimized CN3--4-6---88
Compute C3--4-6---88
Compute C2--4-6---88
GPU-basedGPU Compute GN6---------8
GPU Compute GN6S--4-6-----
GPU Compute GN7--4-6----8
GPU Compute GN8---4---8-8
GPU Compute GN10X----6----8
GPU Compute GN10Xp-----6---8
FPGA-basedFPGA Accelerated FX4-----6---8
Big DataBig Data D3----6---88
Big Data D2----6---88
Big Data D1----6----8
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