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Available Regions

Last updated: 2021-06-02 11:03:22

The following table describes regions where CFS is available:


If you need to use CFS in a region where resources are sold out for your CVM instances or services, you can choose a VPC in that region, create a subnet in a purchasable availability zone (AZ), and then create a CFS file system in that subnet. For more information, please see FAQs.

Region AZ Applicable Storage Class
Beijing Beijing Zone 1 (sold out) Standard
Standard Turbo
High-Performance Turbo
Beijing Zone 2 (sold out)
Beijing Zone 3 (sold out)
Beijing Zone 4 (sold out)
Beijing Zone 5 (running out)
Beijing Zone 6 (major)
Beijing Zone 7 (major)
Shanghai Shanghai Zone 1 (sold out)
Shanghai Zone 2 (running out)
Shanghai Zone 3 (sold out)
Shanghai Zone 4 (major)
Shanghai Zone 5 (major)
Guangzhou Guangzhou Zone 1 (sold out)
Guangzhou Zone 2 (sold out)
Guangzhou Zone 3 (sold out)
Guangzhou Zone 4 (sold out)
Guangzhou Zone 5 (sold out)
Guangzhou Zone 6 (major)
Guangzhou Zone 7 (major, coming soon)
Nanjing Nanjing Zone 1 (major)
Nanjing Zone 2 (major)
Nanjing Zone 3 (major)
Chengdu Chengdu Zone 1 (major)
Chengdu Zone 2 (major)
Chongqing Chongqing Zone 1 (major)
Hong Kong (China) Hong Kong (China) Zone 1 Standard
Shanghai Finance Shanghai Finance Zone 1
Shanghai Finance Zone 2
Shenzhen Finance Shenzhen Finance Zone 1
Shenzhen Finance Zone 2
Singapore Singapore Zone 1
Tokyo Tokyo Zone 1
Silicon Valley Silicon Valley Zone 1
Mumbai Mumbai Zone 1
Seoul Seoul Zone 1
Toronto Toronto Zone 1

This table is for reference only. You can see whether you can purchase the desired resource in the console. Moreover, you are advised to purchase resources in major regions to ensure that resources can be purchased for clusters expanded later.

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