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Last updated: 2024-01-22 21:58:08

    Ease of use

    Tencent Cloud compute resources can mount different Cloud File Storage ‍(CFS) resources based on SMB/NFS/private protocols, and access them as if they were local disks using POSIX instructions.
    CFS comes with a console where you can quickly create and configure a file system, reducing the time needed for deployment and the workload of file system maintenance.

    Flexible scalability

    CFS can be scaled out as needed, without interrupting requests and applications. This ensures continuous business operations and simplifies system management.
    A ‍single CFS namespace can provide petabytes of storage capacity, supporting data storage at a larger scale compared with self-built NAS, cloud hard disk, and other storage methods.

    High security and reliability

    CFS adopts ‍a distributed three-copy storage mechanism that is highly reliable. The system guarantees that data is written in all three copies before returning a response of successful write. If any copy fails, a new copy can be created in the backend by using methods such as data migration, ensuring the availability of three data copies at all times. Meanwhile, the access layer guarantees the running of the HA mechanism to provide an overall reliability of up to 99.9999999% (9 9's), ‍providing secure and reliable data storage services for you.
    CFS can strictly control access to file systems, allowing you to control access with the help of security groups in ‍classic networks or VPCs together with permission groups.

    Best-in-class performance

    CFS has the capabilities to provide 100-GB bandwidth, 1-million OPS, and 10-million IOPS, accommodating your data storage under all kinds of harsh performance conditions.
    CFS supports concurrent access by thousands of clients. Based on intelligent load balancing, the cluster backend of CFS can ensure stable performance on the clients, fulfilling your storage needs involving high concurrency.
    CFS can achieve sub-millisecond latency, meeting your business requirements in latency-sensitive scenarios.
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