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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2024-01-22 21:58:08


    Cloud File Storage (CFS) is billed according to the amount of storage used. A file system will occupy 32 MB of storage after it is created, which will not be billed.

    Billing description

    CFS can be billed using the pay-as-you-go mode or a resource package, as described below:
    Billable Item
    Billing Method
    Billing Cycle
    Supported Product Type and Region
    Storage usage
    General file systems are charged according to the maximum hourly usage.
    Turbo file systems are charged according to the storage capacity purchased, rather than the actual usage.
    Storage usage
    Monthly subscription
    A valid resource package can be used to offset your hourly storage usage calculated by the pay-as-you-go standards.
    Only Standard and High-Performance file systems in all available regions
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